Desert sounds – wind, sand and bugle

The Sahara Desert in Africa is the biggest on the earth.

It occupies the area slightly smaller than the USA.

But in spite of all its colossal scales it severely lacks inhabitants. In fact, only 2 million people inhabit this territory, and all of them livein small villages situated near oases and infallible water sources.

Marvellous place…Terrifying, merciless, but marvelous.

In such severe conditions when the annual precipitation level hardly reaches 20 cm, the air temperature rises up to 131 °F, and a strong northeastern wind brings sandstorms, people, animals, and vegetation still manage to survive.

The Sahara is also famous for singing sands. They are huge sand dunes that produce powerful vibration and sounds in the wind, and these sounds remind the roar of a jet engine.

We invite you to plunge in this amazing atmosphere and listen to the sounds of wind playing with the sand on the dunes.

You will also hear the sounds of the horn used by Tuareg and Berber vagabond tribes for religious rituals and for giving direction to their herds of sheep, goats or camels.

We wish you a pleasant journey.



Settings of the desert sounds

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