Sounds of sea and ocean

Magic sounds of the sea and ocean

Those sounds of the sea, splashing waves, and sea-gull-screams, that we propose you to listen to on this site, were recorded very close to the real sea with the help of 2 microphones. One mike we put near a small creek, the other – on the shore. That`s how we overlaid two sea sounds: the sounds of waves come from afar, but the sounds of splashing water are close, near the stones.

In this way we created a very realistic sound picture of the seashore. Enjoy it right now!

Hear now
  • Sounds of sea
  • Sound of waves
  • Light breeze
  • Sea gulls

Beach sound effects

The sea is the sounds of summer.

It’s so great to lie on the sand with your eyes closed, enjoy fresh sea breeze, sun rays and listen to the sounds of beach: popular dance music playing in the nearby bar, sound of the waves and seagukks and happy laughter of people.

In order to recollect your these funny summer days, we recommend you to listen to our new atmosphere of the beach!

Enjoy it right now for free!

Hear now
  • Sound of waves
  • Sound of seagulls
  • Fresh dance music
  • Happy people