Other atmospheres

Sounds of the desert

Millions of square kilometers of sand, 30 per cent of all Africa territory, 20 cm annual precipitation – this is all about the Sahara, Vast, endless, merciless.

The flora and fauna of the Sahara are poor, because only small natural oases with fresh water can help living beings to survive in these harsh conditions. Only 2 million of people inhabit this area. They are mainly Berber, Tuareg, and others.

Let`s plunge in the world of heat and sand where northern wind often brings sandstorms. This is the atmosphere of the Sahara Desert. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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Sounds of the train

Many people take train ride, especially if it's short, as a pleasant adventure.

And today, when you make yourself comfortable in a train seat and listen to train sounds as it makes it way to the next station and watch familiar and then new scenery passing by before your eyes, you start to feel really comfortable as you felt a long time ago in our childhood.

Our magical train ride sounds will, no doubt, bring comfort and relaxation to you.

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Sounds of the planets

This sound atmosphere is electromagnetic oscillations of plants, their moons and satellites, planetary magnetosphere and solar wind.

Such complex interactions have created the sound vibrations represented on this site.

All these planets, winds and satellites sound interesting but sometimes spooky.

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