Sounds of forest

Magic sounds of summer forest

Only a few people can boast that they were in the forest at night, but in the daytime almost everyone has visited this wonderful place.

After spending so many hours in the asphalt jungles, it so pleasant to plunge into this endless verdure

To feel the breath of fresh air on your face, smell divine fragrance of flowers, have a walk on winding paths all the time listening to the sounds of singing birds and bubbling brooks.

Hear now
  • Rippling of the brook
  • Wild birds singing
  • Chirring of the beetles
  • Croaking of the frogs

Atmosphere of the winter forest

This word contains a lot of pleasant memories for all of us.

We wait for snow after a long rainy autumn and feel happy when the first snowflakes melt on our palms. We hope to see hills and trees and houses and cars covered with show in the Christmas holidays thinking that this white blanket is a symbol of new life.

We are very glad to represent you our new soundtrack "Winter Forest" that will help you mentally transport yourself to that magical winter days.

Hear now
  • Snowstorm
  • Snow sounds
  • Footsteps in the snow

Atmosphere of the night forest

Have you ever had an opportunity to listen to its bewitching sounds in the dark time?

Maybe it was in the camp when you were sitting close to the fire roasting marshmallows, and your friends were telling creepy stories?
Or it was when you stayed at your grandma`s house in the country?

Do you remember all your feelings and sounds that surrounded you when you felt that pleasant warmth of cracking fire? You were afraid of listening to the music of the night forest, but you were terribly curious and happy!

Hear now
  • Camp fire
  • Night birds
  • The howling of wolves
  • Crickets, cicadas

Atmosphere of the autumn forest

The forest is beautiful in any season – in spring, in summer, in winter. Early autumn is not an exception.

The whole set of green, yellow and orange colours of the trees is a relief to the eye, it is warm and nice outside. You can go for a walk, breathe fresh air, pick up a bouquet of fallen leaves, look for the mushrooms.

We hope you will like the atmosphere of the autumn forest.

Have a nice walk!

Hear now
  • Birds
  • Crows
  • Wind

Atmosphere of the rainforest

I've always thought that jungles are very different from our forests. I've always thought that there grow different trees, bushes and flowers, fly and sing some big and beautiful and very exotic birds, and monkeys cover all trees and jump here and there.

Let's listen and see whether these sounds differ from those that we usually hear in our forests. In order to complete the picture, we added the sounds of a big waterfall on the background of our soundtrack.

Hear now
  • Jungle birds
  • Waterfall
  • Crickets, cicadas