Animal sounds

Sounds of the whales

Our planet is amazing. Who could expect that marine mammals, whose weight is about 40 tons and length is 15 meters, can sing no worse than birds?

The sounds produced by humpback whales magnificently capture our attention. The repertoire of these animals is various, and the character of their sounds is very unusual. Many scientists claim that the vibrations and tonality of these sounds have wholesome and relaxing effect on people.

These sounds help calm down, relax, and forget about daily problems. Our atmosphere of singing whales will help you achieve calmness and tranquility.

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Sounds of the dolpnines

Dolphins are amazing creatures. Sometimes they are called, for a good reason, the humans of the sea.

These mammals are the cleverest creatures on Earth, after man. The dolphin`s brain is bigger than human`s one. Moreover, dolphins have 2 times more brain convolutions than we do.

Dolphins are very peaceable and kind creatures. They often save drowning people; they push them out of water, to the shore, drive off sharks and show the way to lost seamen.

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Sounds of the purring cat

Cats are amazing creations who introduce a lot of positive emotions to our world.

Their grace is a delight for eyes, their smooth fur has calming property, and their musical purr helps to forget all the troubles for some time.

Cat’s purr is pleasant for human ear first of all because when animal is emitting these “trills”, it feels really good.

This music of happiness and pacification that cats feel is able to spread on human consciousness, give him a bit of their peace and happiness.

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