Winter forest: sounds of snowstorm and falling snow


This word contains a lot of pleasant memories for all of us. We wait for snow after a long rainy autumn and feel happy when the first snowflakes melt on our palms. We hope to see hills and trees and houses and cars covered with show in the Christmas holidays thinking that this white blanket is a symbol of new life.

Of course, not all people are so glad to see snow when they wake up in the morning because it means that there will be problems on the road and other difficulties connected with the cold weather.

But after all, snow makes a good impression rather than bad one. Do you remember how you once sat at home wrapped up in your warm blanked and drank a hot tea from a huge cup and listen to the sounds of winter that raged outside all night long?

No doubt that when you was looking at that elemental fury, you felt quite comfortable sitting in your warm shelter, and this feeling was awesome.

And now, when you opened this page on our site, you want to recollect all your emotions that you experienced on that dark winter night. And you have this chance because you found our site where we have collected all sounds of winter.

We are very glad to represent you our new soundtrack “Winter Forest” that will help you mentally transport yourself to that magical winter days full of sounds of crunching snow and rustle of falling snowflakes.

You will find yourself in a winter forest where you will hear sounds of footsteps in the snow, sounds of snowstorm and other sounds peculiar to cold winter days.

Settings of the winter forest


Enjoy the sounds of winter forest abd snow and get them into your pocket!


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