Sound Therapy – Nature Sounds


It`s not a secret that lots of living organisms influence each other with the help of sounds. Sounds can be divided into negative ones (we call them noises) and positive ones. Negative sounds can affect our health, and positive ones, on the contrary, have a wholesome effect on us.

It has been scientifically proved that nature sounds belong to positive ones. Now we even have a special branch of medicine – sound therapy. Sounds of nature have a salutary influence on us and fight stress.

citytrafficNowadays people live in big cities, but even those who live in small towns every day listen to industrial, transport, and other noises which eventually affect our hearing and nervous system, lower sensitivity to sounds, bring to deterioration of organ functions, and so on.

Of course, we can improve the situation if we lower the impact of modern noises and increase the time spent in the countryside or somewhere else far from all these noises. But in fact, do we all have an opportunity to spend more time in the countryside? The answer is evident, I think.

Unfortunately, only lucky people can sometimes be close to nature, spend a couple of hours in the forest or at the seaside. It`s safe to say that nature sounds have become rare birds, especially in big cities.

So, what can improve the situation? Our site!

With the help of our sound atmospheres you can dive in the sea world, you can walk on forest paths, listen to the sounds of birds or brooks, you can sit near the fireplace and listen to the music of rain.

As I mentioned before, sounds of nature have a strong wholesome effect on our health, fight stress, normalize organ functions, and calm our nerves.

If you listen to our sounds of nature for 10-15 minutes one hour before you go to bed, you will sleep soundly all night long.

Nature sounds have a subconscious influence on your brain that`s why you will start to feel joy and happiness.

psyPsychological research shows that nature sounds and calm music reduce the negative effects of depression by 20-25 %.

Our atmospheres will be a perfect background for massage, meditation or Tibetan gymnastics sessions.

But the main thing that you need to go is to listen to your body and define what sound atmosphere is closer to you. If you like sea sounds, you need to listen to them again and again without shifting you attention to other sound atmospheres.

All our sound atmospheres comprise only natural sounds. It means that if you listen to our sounds of rain, it will be the sounds of real rain.

Of course, in future we will add new atmospheres and upgrade already existing ones.

Enjoy the sounds!