Music of the Rain

Sounds of the rain and thunder

Rain seems to be nothing more than precipitation, but when you hear the music of falling rain, can it leave you indifferent?

Autumn or winter rain greatly emphasizes the comfort and warmth of your home that seems to be a shelter covering you from all these weather tricks.

The sound of rain drops drumming on the roof or windowsill is a perfect relaxant that calms nerves and envelops you in the atmosphere of coziness and warmth of your family hearth.

Hear now
  • Sound of rain
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Drops
  • Wind

Fireplace and Autumn Rain

It`s raining outside. Dull, autumn rain drops are drumming on the roof and ledge, and only the sounds of a car that passes by your house from time to time break this monotonous autumn sonata. Peals of thunder hint that the rain has quite serious intentions.

And it`s just a beginning...

But what are you doing in these unpleasant moments? Oh! You`re sitting in a big leather armchair. It`s so soft and comfortable.

There is a fireplace in front of you. Crackle of firewood, pleasant warmth that is coming from it, the smell of coffee and pinewood, quiet music... This all creates a true paradise in your home. You want this evening to last forever.

And let the whole world wait...

Hear now
  • Sound of rain
  • Best jazz music ever
  • Fireplace
  • Cars sounds outside