Sounds of the night forest – bonfire, cicadas, owls and volves

Have you ever been in the forest at night? Have you ever had an opportunity to listen to its bewitching sounds in the dark time?

Maybe it was in the camp when you were sitting close to the fire roasting marshmallows, and your friends were telling creepy stories? Or it was when you stayed at your grandma`s house in the country?

Do you remember all your feelings and sounds that surrounded you when you felt that pleasant warmth of cracking fire? You were afraid of listening to the music of the night forest, but you were terribly curious and happy!

If you happen to experience all these feelings at least once, you are a lucky man, but if you never did it, it shouldn`t be a big tragedy for you because the atmosphere that we created on our site will help you enjoy all these interesting and captivating moments of life.

Of course, we can`t give you roasted marshmallows or creepy stories, but we will help your imagination carry you for several minutes in the atmosphere of the dark forest.

Cracking fire, cicadas, crickets, owl screech, dog or real wolf howls – all this you can find here. Close your eyes and let your imagination work.



Settings of the night forest sounds


Enjoy the sounds of the night forest! You can get them into your pocket!


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