The atmosphere of the autumn forest. Sounds of birds, crows and wind

The forest is beautiful in any season – in spring, in summer, in winter. Early autumn is not an exception.

The whole set of green, yellow and orange colours of the trees is a relief to the eye, it is warm and nice outside. You can go for a walk, breathe fresh air, pick up a bouquet of fallen leaves, look for the mushrooms.

Nevertheless, there are fewer kinds of birds and insects in the forest in autumn than in summer.

Sometimes all of them become silent and there is no noise in the air and there comes a complete sense of peace. The very this walk in the autumn forest is offered by us.

The path runs by the pond and sometimes you can hear the ducks. Few birds are heard and, of course, ravens. You can switch off the wind sound and you will have a calm and halsyon weather.

We hope you will like the atmosphere of the autumn forest. Have a nice walk!



Settings of the autumn forest sounds

Birds and crows



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