Beach sounds – calming waves, music and happy people


The sea is not just the sounds of waves, cries of seagulls and salty breeze.

It’s also beach discos, night walks, holiday romances, vacation, bustling beaches, full of fun and joy summer nights and dances till the morning.

The sea is the sounds of summer.

It’s so great to lie on the sand with your eyes closed, enjoy sun rays and fresh breeze and listen to the sounds of beach: dance music playing in the nearby beach bar, wave sounds and happy laughter of children.

In order to recollect your vacation near the beach and these funny summer days, we recommend you to listen to our new atmosphere of the beach.

These ten minutes of good mood include real sea sounds recorded near the beach and a sound track consisting of modern dance songs.

You can adjust the volume of all sounds.



Settings of the beach sounds effect


Enjoy beach sounds in your pocket! Free Android App – “EcoSounds”


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