Rain seems to be nothing more than precipitation, but when you hear the music of falling rain, can it leave you indifferent?

In summer and spring we like rain for the freshness and coolness that it brings with, for cleaning of our streets, for this specific fragrance and, of course, for the rainbow. Isn`t it nice and romantic to run barefoot down the streets in the summer rain, so warm and caressing? And what about swimming in the rain? Have you ever tried to swim in the sea when it rains?

Inexpressible feelings, I should say.

Of course, in late autumn or winter rain casts a gloom over us, and at the end of February when spring is about to come it`s especially hard to stand its hateful drops. It may sound strange, but such dreadful weather can give you some advantages!

Autumn or winter rain greatly emphasizes the comfort and warmth of your home that seems to be a shelter covering you from all these weather tricks.

The sound of rain drops drumming on the roof or windowsill is a perfect relaxant that calms nerves and envelops you in the atmosphere of coziness and warmth of your family hearth.

When you are in a melancholic mood or want to think about the sense of life, rain will be your best assistant. However, if you opened this page, there is no use to explain all these things to you. You now it well, don`t you?

The sounds of rain and thunder that you are going to listen to now are absolutely real. For your convenience we divided the sounds of rain into 3 sound tracks. You can adjust the sound of thunder or even turn it off, and you will only listen to the sound of rain.

But I advise you to leave it as it is in order to achieve the best effect of presence. We did our best to create the most natural and realistic sounds of rain.

Settings of the rain and thunder sounds

Enjoy the sounds of the rain and thunder online and get them into your smartphone!


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