Meadow sounds: Sounds of birds, grasshoppers and flying insects

It’s very difficult to imagine a village without a summer meadow, without this beautiful green carpet studded with wild multicolored flowers and warmed by the sun.

A meadow is a place where grow different kinds of flowers and plants: oregano, mint, plantains, cornflowers, clover, dandelions, chamomiles and dozens of other kinds. Here you can see butterflies and bees flying from one flower to another. They gather pollen to make honey – the most healthy and delicious product. All these flowers and plants create ineffable fragrance, and flying insects and meadow animals produce listenable sounds of nature, meadow sounds.

I associate grassland sounds with the days of my childhood. I remember me and my friends sitting or lying in the grass holding a blade of grass in the mouth, basking in the sunshine, and looking at the birds flying by.

All this time we enjoyed these magic summer meadow sounds – sounds of chirping birds, chirring grasshoppers, and buzzing bees. Now these sounds awake in my mind memories about that past days of my childhood, the days that I’ll never forget. When I listen to these meadow sounds I feel a light sadness, but this feeling is very pleasant, because it brings me back to the happiest days in my life.

Now I’d like you to share these wonderful moments with me. Turn on our new sound atmosphere of the meadow, close your eyes, and let the wind of memories take you away to the past.



Settings of the meadow sounds

Birds and insects

Cows and village sounds


Enjoy the sounds of the meadow and get them into your pocket!


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