Atmosphere of the countryside and farm

Probably, many people born in the 20th century spent their childhood in the countryside. Many children were born in small villages or towns and then moved to big cities. Even those who were born in the city used to go to the countryside to visit their grandparents during summer vacation.

Now the situation has greatly changed: people prefer to have a rest at the seaside. So, the countryside is not popular now. And we can easily explain it. Many villages and small towns are in poor condition now, and the major part of their inhabitants moved to big cities long time ago. But there is some talk that this situation tends to improve. People start to appreciate the time spent in the countryside. They willingly change the bustle of big cities to rustic tranquility. Well, it was just a lyrical digression. Let`s talk about our atmosphere.

Log houses, high hills, rich verdure, poultry, wild birds, dogs, cows, horses… There is no Internet, and cars are rare visitors here. Lack of civilization. BUT! All day long you can run barefoot on grass, swim in the river or lake, inhale fresh air, and admire all these beauty.

Isn`t it great?

Of course, if you are used to all the benefits of civilization, you may fail to endure all this beauty and tranquility more than 2 weeks. Yes, boredom! But if you live in the city, you should know that any resort can give you more impressions, energy and good mood than a week in the countryside. Only here you can relax mentally and physically.

So, if you`ve never been to the countryside, or you just want to recollect happy days of your childhood, turn on the sounds of the countryside right now!



Settings of the countryside atmosphere


Enjoy the sounds of countryside! You can get them into your pocket!


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