Cats are amazing creations who introduce a lot of positive emotions to our world. Their grace is a delight for eyes, their smooth fur has calming property, and their musical purr helps to forget all the troubles for some time.

Cat’s purr is pleasant for human ear first of all because when animal is emitting these “trills”, it feels really good. This music of happiness and pacification that cats feel is able to spread on human consciousness, give him a bit of their peace and happiness.

Also the cat’s purr for many people is associated with comfort and warm atmosphere. When hearing these “trills” your imagination is showing you comfortable couch, plaid, a cup of coffee on the table and a cat rolled into a ball. If you will be more attentive, you will hear that cat’s purr is not always the same. It may be weak or strong, quiet or a little nervous, monotone or multifaceted.

You don’t have opportunity to listen this wonderful music because you don’t have a cat? Than why won’t you listen our atmosphere of purring cat online, right hear and right now?

Just take headphones, take a seat in comfortable armchair, turn on sounds and take pleasure of cat’s “trills”.

Our atmosphere is so natural that soon you will feel that the cat is not hiding somewhere in computer but is sweetly sleeping on your knees. Who knows, maybe you will also take a nap calmed down with this nice music.

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Enjoy sounds of purring cat! You can get them into your pocket!


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