Sounds and singing of dolphins

Dolphins are amazing creatures. Sometimes they are called, for a good reason, the humans of the sea.

These mammals are the cleverest creatures on Earth, after man. The dolphin`s brain is bigger than human`s one. Moreover, dolphins have 2 times more brain convolutions than we do. Dolphins are very peaceable and kind creatures. They often save drowning people; they push them out of water, to the shore, drive off sharks and show the way to lost seamen.

Dolphins are talkative and benevolent. As well as human beings, they have their own languages and dialects that contain up to 15 000 sounds. Dolphins have self-consciousness, social consciousness, empathy, readiness to help their newborns and sick fellows.

Dolphins live in small groups and often follow ships in the sea developing a speed to 40 km per hour.

Dolphins are very good doctors. They help children with infantile cerebral paralysis, autism and hyperactivity. This kind of treatment is called dolphin therapy.

Here you can listen how these wonderful, kind and affectionate animals communicate. Their sounds are very multifaceted and remind the singing of hump-backed whales.



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Enjoy singing of dolpines! You can get them into your pocket!


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